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Come visit Oslo where you can experience love and freedom at the same time

Norway is a beautiful country where transgender people can be themselves, especially in super-liberal Oslo. The country became the first to enact an anti-discrimination law and is legally open for same-sex marriage. Norwegians also celebrate the freedom of their pride through a festival called Oslo Pride which started in 1982. It is considered as Norway's largest festival for the LGBT community. It clearly shows that Oslo city is a home for transsexual people.

Being an open country where everyone can be who they want to be is a perfect place to find your partner. To be given equal rights no matter who a person is what everyone wants, right? Then you came to the right city, Osloites have liberal attitude towards transsexual people. Their cuisine is best represented by fresh fish and seafood, reindeer, moose, and lutefisk. We bet that you will love their nightlife, architecture, winter sports, natural beauty, and culture. If you want to know more about their culture, then it is a must for you to witness how Osloites celebrate their festivals.

The best time to visit Oslo is in May-August. And if you are excited to finally meet your future partner here, My Transgender Cupid will provide you a list of ts dating ideas that will help you score positive points to your Norwegian transgender partner.


If you and your partner have an adventurous heart, take the plunge together.

The zipliner at Holmenkollen Jump Tower is a place for you. With a measure of 361 meters long-, it will surely give you an unforgettable view of Oslo. You can hold each other’s hand while taking the zip line together. The experience will surely give you an extraordinary date. For a tip, some tourists say that doing it at night will give you majestic looks of the city. The Holmenkollen also have a one of the world’s oldest museum featuring skiing and it is named as Ski Museum.

Try eating at Maaemo

Maaemo is named as one of the world's best restaurant. Norwegians have a knack for creating cuisine breakthroughs. That’s why it will be a perfect experience for you and your partner as they are sure to offer a great variety of foods. You also have an option to try out international cuisines with your date. The ambiance of the restaurant is also impeccable as you and your partner will have a chance to talk about your future plans. It can also be a place where you will propose to your partner.

Don't forget to look and experience the famous nightlife in Oslo.

Visit the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet which is the largest music and performing arts institution. If you both love ballets and how they interpret stories through their several soulful moves, it is best to watch it in Oslo. Plus, you also get to have a glimpse of their culture too. You will surely have a great time while watching an opera with your transgender partner, as you can appreciate the beauty of the show and your lover at the same time. Just make sure that you book tickets ahead of time!

Meet Transgender-women in Oslo

Dating Transgender-women from Oslo

We hope that you enjoy your stay with your darling and have a successful date in Oslo. Have fun exploring the city and create one of your most unforgettable dates.

My Transgender Cupid does not only give you an avenue to meet transsexuals but we are also committed to giving you dating tips. register NOW! and get ready to meet your future partner!

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