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There’s Still Hope in the Midst of Discrimination in Peru

Peru is such a beautiful country, there’s just so much to see in this country, especially their archaeological sites that portray the life of pre-Columbian people. They also have amazing foods such as Peruvian tacu tacu and cherimoya. Also, one can never skip to see the view or hike Machu Picchu!

However, even an awesome country as Peru also has its downside because the country is heavily following the traditional Catholic ways. There’s still a constant fight against transphobia. Although there seems to be slow progress, LGBTs have not given up hope that they can still someday have all the rights they want to have. To know more about the predicament of your Peruvian transwoman, check out the facts we’ve collected that will give you a brief background on their experiences through the years.


In 2016 there was a protest aimed at raising awareness of the situation of LGBT people

The rally was called ‘Kisses against Homophobia’. During that time, the elections were just six weeks away and in doing their protest, they want their rights to be included in the campaign of presidential candidates. However, instead of peacefully being allowed to conduct their protest, they were beaten by police. Sad to say but their police has little concern over their welfare. They feel the judgment everywhere they go – from parks, bus stops, restaurants, public transportation, and more. And on those incidents, police people failed to help them.

This happened after a year when a bill that allows civil unions for same-sex relationships to be recognized by law got rejected in the Congress. There was even an incident where a transgender woman was attacked in Lima. It only affirms a 2015 study where 80% of LGBT people in Peru experience violence. Also, it is worse for Trans women because they are mostly denied work, housing, and even welfare assistance.

That’s why if you meet a Peruvian transsexual woman, don’t just look for a temporary relationship because once she likes you, she will fight for you no matter how hard it will place her in the society. Once she decides she wants to be in a relationship with you, she really does. Make sure to research places where your date will be safe.

Even with the negative involvements of transwomen in Peru, there’s still a thing called slow progress happening there

Transgender women were not allowed to change their genders on official documents in 2014. They were only allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery. When November 2016 came, there was a movement to enable them to change their gender identity. After that, the government of Peru recognized the rights of transwomen, allowing them to change their gender identity without undergoing medical surgery.

It is anticipated that after two years, Peru will also follow with other Latin countries in strengthening its protection for the transgender people in their country.

Please be patient in dating a Peruvian transwoman, if she seems a little insecure or not confident in going out to places – it is only because of her current situation in her country. Don’t think that all of them are just selling their bodies for a living and even if they are involved in it, they don’t have much choice if they need to survive but it doesn’t mean they don’t truly want to meet someone they can be with forever.

Peru Trans-Women

Dating an Transgender in Peru

Although it is an almost too gloomy article, we hope we still made you interested in a Peruvian transwoman. They are the epitome of strength and struggle. And if you meet someone like them, we’re sure you’re never going to let them go. Don’t forget to sign up now if you’re not yet a member. We’re excited to see you in our TS dating community.

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