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Phoenix, Arizona is dubbed as the Valley of the Sun. True to its name, the place witness more sunshine than any other place for transgender dating in United States. In addition, it is an attractive city to be in with the several job opportunities present, low cost of living, and again, the nice weather you’ll be in. Further, it is ranked 19 in the best places to live in US and ranked 34 in the best places to retire in US.

So you see, Phoenix is a really nice place to go and a bargain compared to ‘luxury living’ in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City. But what makes it more appealing is that LGBT equality in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson (all cities of the state of Arizona) garnered a perfect score in the 2017 Municipal Equality Index collected by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the Equality Federation Institute.

The conclusion was based on the present non-discrimination laws, municipal-employee benefits, anti-bullying policies and city involvement with the LGBT community, law-enforcement involvement with the LGBT community, and leadership on LGBT equality such as LGBT people in leadership roles.

Are you convinced that Phoenix is a progressive city where you can meet your transgender partner? If your answer is yes, we’ve prepared some dating ideas to help you on your relationship.


1. Friendship Garden will offer fantastic views and a serene venue to melt the stress away

If you both love nature or just want all the stress to fade away, this place is a home to over 50 varieties of plants, a bold and delicate architectural sculptured landscape, a Koi pond for good luck, garden where you can just stroll around, and 1,500 tons of handpicked rocks.

There’s plenty of chances for you to initiate conversation with your transsexual partner. Remember, communication is vital so you have to be clear with each other’s expectations on where the relationship is going and what comes after your visit.

After your visit, you can just enjoy each other’s presence while delighting in their special Japanese Tea House – a delicious end to your refreshing afternoon.

2. Saddle up at Ponderosa Livery Stable

This stable is the only one that offers a guided horse rental with over 50 miles of trails. If you are worried you don’t have experience, it doesn’t matter as people in-charge there will teach you what to do. Once you do this activity, you both give yourselves a chance to explore the area with its desert flowers, cacti, rabbits, and just have a feel of the true Western life.

Why not try to match your clothes so that you can show in public that you are indeed a couple? Such small gesture will surely be appreciated by your transwoman as she will feel that you are truly proud to be with her.

3. If you want something more relaxing, visit the Phoenix Symphony

Movies often portray couples watching classical, pops, and chamber music. You have to do this if you both have an absolute appreciation of music because for others, this activity might be too boring.

After all, shared interest build better relationships.

Transgender-Women in Phoenix

Dating Transgender-Women in Phoenix

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