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From Danger to Ideal: Columbia Is Your Dating Area

From one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Columbia has totally changed its image through the years. Before one could only think of drugs, cartels, murders, and gangs – all about danger! But this has long been changed after 10 years of continuous reform. In fact, drug production here has significantly decreased by 60% and Peru surpassed Columbia when it comes to drug production.

But enough about that, we’re pretty sure you’ll be excited to know that this country also produce one of the best coffees in the world and while you’re on your way to drinking your wake up call, the mountains and hills will all just take your breath away. Every step and turn will show you the architectural and natural beauty of the place. If you want to experience something as soulful as Columbia, we recommend you to read the truths about being a transgender there. You might now be aware of it yet, but your soulmate might just be there.


Violence is rapidly increasing against transgender people

All Columbian transwomen have the right to equality, health and free development of personality which includes the right to choose one’s own gender identity. However, even if the said law sounds good, transsexuals are still being trapped with the biased views of those who are in power leading to the intentional ignorance of the law.

And even if they are allowed to change the sex on their identification documents, there is no systemic health care yet which monitors the changes transwomen go through as well as support in their hormone treatments.

Don’t be surprised if your date is still experiencing societal stigma against transgender people. However, the good thing is you can go to a lot of places where transsexuals are accepted. Make sure you put your best effort in your dating preparation.

Transsexuals have few career choices

The first issue will be related to the requirement of Columbian men to render military service in order to receive a passbook which enables them to choose their future jobs. Because of this transwomen experience crisis especially when they are forced to undergo a medical exam in front of other men. They are given an option to pay for a military exemption fee but most of the time the money being requested is something they cannot afford. As a result, they have a hard time looking for jobs which in turn makes their life miserable.

Moreover, because of their circumstances, they are usually forced by society to choose jobs that are connected to prostitution and salon work. Those jobs allow them to survive but it does not enable them to invest or have benefits like the other job options only available to men.

Columbia Trans Dating

Dating an Transgender in Columbia

Be proud of your lover no matter what her work is. Acceptance is what they really want. The world will not matter as long as you accept her and you are proud to be with her. Give her the love she deserves and you will also know how vast her love is.

If you are interested to meet a Columbian trans-woman, don’t think twice and register now. My Transgender Cupid will help you every step of the way by providing helpful articles that will surely contribute positively to your dating quest. And if that’s not enough, you can sign up and use our dating site for FREE. We look forward to helping you.

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