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Lima: Finding Love at the City of Kings

Lima in Peru is facing some serious challenges when it comes to their LGBT people. Changing genders is not yet legal and same-sex marriages, as well as civil unions, are unrecognized. Conversion therapy, also, has not yet been publicly banned. There is no clear protection for transgender people who remain discriminated in the society. However, even if Lima is quite behind Washington, Edmonton, Montreal, Tempe, and Argentina, employment discrimination is not allowed and adoption is legal. Trans people are also allowed to serve in the military and they can donate blood just like other people.

You can complain about the traffic, but you’ll never complain about food here. It is a crowded city but one that just gets you with its food charm. They offer a variety of cuisines that will surely make you want to stay.

If you’re keen on meeting your transsexual partner. Here’s a recap of the places where you can take your date and show your charisma. Have fun!


1. Take a leap of faith at the Parque del Amor de Miraflores

It is also known as the park of love and one of the most romantic places in Lima. They also have the popular kissing monument located here. Most couples sit together or watch the sunset at the foot of the said monument. Below you will see the amazing view of the sea. If you want to propose or confess your undying love for your partner, this is the perfect place to go.

Don’t forget to bring water for you and your transsexual partner – long walks here can be pretty draining.

2. If you have money to burn, take your date at Rosa Nautica Restaurant

The Rosa Nautica is a piece of art itself situated at the bay of the sea. They will give you the best nouveau-Peruvian cuisine. Just before dinner, you can watch the sunset with your partner and just feel the breeze of the sea. After all, its location is its prime offer to its customers. Servers also speak excellent English so you don’t have to worry about language barrier.

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3. Have a picnic at the beach

Costa Verde and Agua Dulce are some of the best beaches in Lima. Usually, they also offer boat rides to nearby beaches. You can just be yourself with your partner – swim together, do sunbathing, and relax while viewing the beach. Bring your own blanket so you can put some of your things (but not your valuables!) – sunblock, sunglasses, and bottles of water.

You can even cook foods from your home so that your transwoman partner will have a taste of it. Share your best moments here.

Dating Transsexuals in Lima

Dating Transsexuals in Lima

Think we missed any information about Lima? It happens all the time. But don’t worry, we continue to strive and give you an updated list of the places where you can go.

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