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Will San Jose, the center of Silicon Valley Be Your Love Journey Destination?

San Jose is listed as one of the top 10 least stressed cities in the United States. They can commute without hassle, promote healthy lifestyles, and despite being a large city, they have low crime rates.

California, just like Vermont, Washington, and Oregon are one of the most progressive states that are geared towards making their transgender community reach equality. San Jose, being part of California, has legally changed what employers should consider once they have a transgender employee. Once they are hired, they should have access to locker rooms and showers that are in accordance with their preferred gender identity.

Gender identity and gender expression have been protected in San Jose since 2011. Further, employers must allow transgender people to use their chosen name and pronouns which they are comfortable with. Aside from that, employers are not allowed to impose a dress code on transsexual people unless it will affect their overall performance at work.

If the information above made you interested to meet your San Jose trans partner, we prepared some of the places where you can take your date.


1. Want some hint of tragedy and mystery?

The Winchester Mystery House might look like a bright house when you first see it. However, it is shrouded with chilling horror stories. But if you and your transsexual partner have a knack for bizarre activities, this is an ideal activity.

It even inspired a supernatural horror film entitled Winchester, directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. It was believed that their house in San Jose was built out of fear. There was a rumor where Sarah’s husband William (in a form of ghost) told her wife to build a house to appease the vengeful spirits. And there was a condition that she should continue constant construction in the house so she could continue to live. In the end, the house was continually renovated for 38 years until the day Sarah died.

Both of you might find yourself drawn to searching the trap doors, secret passages, spider web windows and staircases that have no concrete destination. But, watch out for a door on the second floor where you might have a dangerous drop straight to the yard! Enjoy the special tour offered by this haunted place.

2. Take a look at the wonder of San Jose by participating in the Silicon Valley Tech Tours

Find out the reason why Silicon Valley is a booming hub of technology. They have over 6,600 technology companies based there. To name a few, Netflix, TiVo, Paypal Sun Power, Cisco, Brocade, eBay, among many others. Unleash the inner geek in you and your transsexual partner. Grab the chance to get a one-of-a-kind experience by also experiencing first-hand the gadgets they offer and meet with technology leaders.

Even if both of you have absolutely no idea about geeky stuff, it will still be interesting to know the biggest chunk of pride of the city where you are going. Who knows? Both of you might get inspired by the tour.

3. Have a casual date at the San Pedro Square

This is your chance to show how you really are. Share your interests whether it involves films, live music, books, comedy, sports games, or you’re just interested in food. San Pedro Square offers it all. With all the activities available here, you will get to know each other more by talking about the things you want to do for the day.

There are plenty of stalls around where you can eat pizza, have craft beer, sushi, and many more. Just compromise if you both have differences in your food choice. By now, you should know relationships need compromise because not everything will be similar to you and your transgender partner. Be patient. Take it slow. But never neglect to say how much you adore your partner.

Transsexuals in San Jose

Dating Transsexuals in San Jose

San Jose is really a great city, isn’t it? If you haven’t signed up on our transgender dating site yet, now’s the time. Hurry but do not worry, signing up is FREE.

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