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Love is hard.

But when like-minded people meet each other in a safe community, finding love becomes inevitable. Now My Transgender Cupid, a trans dating app, has been launched in order to help transgender women and their admirers meet each other online and build genuine relationships.

A happy relationship is when you bring out the best in each other.

It is not easy for trans women and decent men to meet each other in real life. First of all, offline dating usually requires trans women and their admirers to explain themselves. Secondly, it is pretty hard to meet the right person in real life, especially during a pandemic. No wonder so many transgender women and men have decided to try online dating these days.

My Transgender Cupid, a TS dating app, is designed to facilitate healthy relationships between transgender women and their admirers. The platform is all about finding serious, meaningful, and long-term relationships. Therefore, members truly respect each other. What's more, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone in this community because everyone knows why everyone is on the app. So, online dating has become nice and easy for transgender ladies and trans-oriented men.

In this way, the right foundation of a successful relationship is built – the way you interact with each other in the initial stage of a relationship is so key, as it sets up the basic expectations and standards. Since finding a partner via a trans dating app means things are honest and transparent from the beginning, you are much more likely to find true love in record time on the Internet.

As a result, a virtuous cycle is created: the positive initial interaction leads to better communication, thereby generating massive attraction, mutual respect, and long-term trust. That's exactly how you bring out the best in each other in a sustainable, satisfying, and rewarding relationship!

Indeed, a relationship consultant once said, "If I can see the dynamics in the initial stage of a relationship, I can basically see the future direction of a relationship. Usually, if a relationship is very wrong, something already went wrong at the beginning. That's why I often say how a relationship starts is also how it ends. But if the beginning is right, oftentimes the relationship is also right in the long term."

Obviously, a transgender dating app provides like-minded individuals with a positive environment where real connections are made. Thus, My Transgender Cupid app has members from all over the world. More specifically, only people who are looking for real relationships that could lead to marriages are allowed to join this app. That means those who have other intentions will be denied access. Hence, it is clear that My Transgender Cupid app is the most reliable trans dating app on the market right now.

Transgender woman

Research shows that trans women and trans-oriented men are the most authentic people.

Honest people make decisions according to who they really are. It takes courage to be a trans woman. Also, self-awareness makes a man know that he is a trans-oriented man. Thus, trans dating is best characterized by authenticity, honesty, and integrity. These are the most important and the most valuable qualities in a person. Small wonder My Transgender Cupid is a high-quality and trustworthy community.

Life is short, so every moment is really important. Look, the average individual only has roughly 30,000 days on the planet. Hence, a courageous person that knows who they really are would choose to be the most authentic version of themselves.

As I'm writing this post right now, Darren Hayes's song Roses is in the background: "You can't smell the roses when you are gone. You can't smell the roses. No, it is not a rehearsal. You only get one life, so make it right…. So, live every moment like this is the last night on earth…." I'm deeply moved by the emotive power and the meaning of this song – You only have one life, so you must cherish every single day.

"Every profile on My Transgender Cupid is manually checked by a staff member, so you know this TS dating app surely gives its members safe, satisfying, and positive experiences!"

Darren Hayes is a gay icon who fully supports the LGBTQ community. He is also the most successful Australian male singer of all time – his vocal range and falsetto are to be admired. More importantly, he wrote all of his songs. That's exactly why the lyrics and the music are so heartfelt and beautiful.

When Darren Hayes was married to his ex-wife, he didn't know he was gay because he had homophobia and was just trying to fit in at that time. Truthfully, the emotional connection between Darren and his ex-wife was 100% real – they were the best friends. Nobody would say that marriage was a fraud. About one year into their relationship, both of them knew something was wrong. Then Darren's ex-wife wanted to set him free. Now Darren is happily married to his husband because he eventually came out as a gay man after his divorce.

Personally, Darren Hayes is my favorite singer in the world. In fact, I've realized that a lot of individuals in the LGBTQ community are wildly talented, as evidenced by the fact that many successful people in various fields are from the LGBTQ community.

People in the LGBTQ community also deserve true love, so it is paramount for us to promote trans dating apps like My Transgender Cupid in the mainstream culture. It is our mission to support trans women and trans-oriented men.

If you are a straight man dating a trans woman….

Dating a trans woman doesn't make you gay if you are a straight man. In truth, a trans woman is just a woman, so you are still straight if you are in a relationship with a trans woman.

We must normalize trans dating. Yes, you read that right. I said "must" rather than "should". Trans women are normal women, too. So, if you are a straight guy, you shouldn't try to hide the fact that you are attracted to a trans woman. You should be proud of your relationship and introduce your trans lady to your family and friends. I'm sure your girlfriend would appreciate that because she wants to be a part of your life.

As a matter of fact, most trans women are more feminine than other women because they highly value femininity. I'm not surprised if more and more straight guys are attracted to trans ladies! Realistically, modern-day society doesn't encourage women to be feminine – just look at modern feminism which is over done in western countries – please let me explain (note that the rationale below has nothing against women and immigrants/refugees).

In our grandparents' generation, women didn't have jobs; a man was able to support his entire family and buy a house. Then feminism got started, so women began to have jobs. Now even though a man and his wife both have jobs, they can't afford to buy a house in this day and age. That means the average salary is actually lower nowadays, even though inflation is considered. That is to say, sending women to the labor force means the number of employees has doubled; consequently, the average salary has become lower now.

The society is run by the elite/Establishment (oligarchs) who want to maximize their profit, so after sending women to the labor force by promoting feminism, now they are sending immigrants to western countries. As a consequence, a large number of people in western countries are competing with immigrants from third-world countries for jobs that don't pay them well.

Now you have understood why feminism and globalism are being used by the elite/Establishment in order to lower the average salary. You have also understood why so many women in western countries are less feminine in today's day and age – they are competing with men in society. Sadly, many women think if they look/behave like men, they are more likely to succeed in the corporate world. (Just compare Betty Draper from Mad Men with a modern woman in the office, and you will see who is more feminine and more attractive immediately.)

In contrast, the majority of trans women are very feminine no matter what kind of jobs they have. They literally represent the true nature of femininity. As a result, if you are a straight guy attracted to a trans woman, it only means you are absolutely straight! By contrast, men who want to marry modern feminists are possibly less masculine because the gender roles aren't quite accurate or natural if a straight man is married to a masculine woman who competes with men at work and at home.

You are not alone.

If you are a trans woman or a trans-oriented man, you may feel lonely at times as most people around you probably don't truly understand you. Some people in your life may not support your lifestyle. The situation might become even more difficult during the pandemic because right now isolation is commonplace.

Yet the good news is we live in a digital era when online dating is so convenient. 15 years ago, online dating was a taboo topic. Nevertheless, today online dating is mainstream. Almost all singles have tried online dating at some stage in contemporary society.

A recent study shows that at least 30% of couples met each other on the Internet these days. (By the way, if you are curious – Darren Hayes met his British husband Richard Cullen on the Internet as well: Darren went to London to promote his album and Richard was in that industry, so they knew the same people in the UK; however, they started talking to each other via email – that's how they met.) The percentage of couples who met each other online is definitely higher now because of COVID-19. Well, maybe the offline dating scene has paused, but the online dating scene is thriving. Although you might feel lonely while staying at home during the pandemic, you are not alone – you can instantly meet someone suitable on a trans dating app and transform your love life forever.

According to the spokesperson from My Transgender Cupid, some of their members are married now. If they can do it, you can do it, too!

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