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Argentina: An Evolving Leader in Transgender Rights

Before prioritizing and crafting laws for the LGBTs, Argentina, a country part of Latin America experienced many cases involving homophobia and hate crimes. Concerns regarding LGBTs only progressed during the 2000s and together with other Latin countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and French Guyana – they all started to fully legalize marriages and adoptions of transgender people. The only difference is Argentina was the first country to implement the legalization of transgender vows and legal rights to have children.

And this country is even better than United Kingdom, Spain, and Uruguay when it comes to practicing transgender inclusivity in the community. To convince you more about dating Argentinian transsexuals, we collected facts about their plight there.


Even with the consistent efforts to push for the protection of the rights of LGBTs, transphobia is still proving to be a problem

The law is followed however the reality of the everyday life of transsexuals cannot be denied. They still face marginalization, mistreatment, and at the time forced invisibility in public, work or at home.

However, improvements such as the passing of the Gender Identity Law in 2012 changed the landscape of transwomen. Ever since this was made, Argentina transgender people had the power to have their choice of gender and name written on their personal documents without any psychological, physical checkups or medical surgery requirement. For many, this enabled them to gain access to health centers. Included in the health care is the insurance coverage of transwomen once they avail of surgery or hormone therapy.

However, since Argentina is becoming a model country who champions for transgender rights, transwomen are very visible in the society and most of them have the confidence to be who they are. You will surely have fun with your partner because she knows what she wants and she has the confidence to tour you around her country.

The health ministry allowed the LGBT community to donate blood

Because of the negative perspective that comes along with relating to LGBT people, they were set aside by the society. But with the liberal laws created by Argentina, the significance of allowing them to share blood is as good as saying that they can positively contribute to their country, prejudices aside. After this law, about 12,000 transsexuals were identified and that number is thoroughly increasing as years go by.

Contributory to the success of the protection of the transgender people are the associations such as Argentine Transvestite, Transsexual, and Transgender who played a significant role in drafting the law to push for the government is considering giving people the decisions to determine their own gender identity without requiring them to undergo anything. The said association not only pushed that in Argentina but to other countries as well.

Argentina Trans-Women

Dating an Transgender in Argentina

As you can see, Argentina is doing a great job promoting transgender rights. You will see it reflect on your Argentinian partner – a self-reliant, hardworking, and amazing woman. If you are not yet registered on our TS dating site, it is your time to fill up the form now. Here at My Transgender Cupid, we are sure that we will give you the best service you need and deserve. What are you waiting for? Register now.

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