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The Beauty of Spain That Sets It Apart: A Transgender Perspective

Travelling to Spain may be one of the greatest dreams of many. Not only does it offer scenic sights, scrumptious foods, passionate extra-curricular activities, excellent service, and one of the cheapest destinations in Europe – it’s simply impeccable. The sun is pretty abundant here with an average of 300 days being sunny.

How about being in awe of majestical places like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao or Malaga? One of the Unesco World Heritage sites is also located here. Don’t forget to stop by at Granada where you can visit Alhambra. You will just be in awe of its view, almost red walls and with the views of hills. Plus, you’ll have a chance to explore the intricate architectures of museums and cathedrals found in Sagrada Familia, Malaga, Teatro Museo Dali and many more.

There are still several things that can be mentioned about Spain, but right now we want to help you first decide in pursuing a courtship with your transsexual partner. To give you a head start, we have a list of information on how transgender live in Spain. You may not know it yet, but perhaps having a relationship with a Spanish transsexual may transform your life forever.


Transgender relationships started way back during the Roman Empire

During the Roman Empire time, sexual relationships with the same gender was acceptable and marriages were even held to wed men. However, when the emperor was changed and Christians was placed in the seat of power, a law was made against homosexual marriages. In turn, views were changed and homosexuality was sin as sinful and eventually, sodomy laws were created and legalized.

All of these was changed during 1979 and homosexual intercourse was once again permitted. Currently, Spain has become one of the countries granting LGBT citizens liberty. The said country also legalized adoption rights and marriage for homosexual couples last 2005. What’s even more amazing is that they do not force medical surgery or sterilization anymore for those who identify themselves as transgender. Job employment discrimination is also banned since 1995.

You can see based from the facts that a Spanish transwoman is very visible in the society. They can move freely with their rights and assert themselves when needed.

Though Spain is considered as a country who champions for the rights of transsexuals, it fell from its rankings last 2017

In 2016, Spain got the 5th spot in Europe for LGBT rights. However, last year it fell four places and became 9th in rank. Malta was number one in the study, retaining its position as the most LGBT friendly country in Europe. The whole reason why Spain suddenly lost its rank was because of the increasing hate crimes combined with hate speech and discrimination too. The police also cannot be depended on when transsexuals face harassment.

There was also that time in Madrid where a bus has anti-transgender message imprinted on it. The good thing is that the City Hall ordered for it to be removed because it violates the ban of discriminating against LGBT people.

One of the reasons why they still continue to be part of the top 10 is the unwavering commitment of LGBT communities in fighting for more legislation to be created as well as helping transgender to report the incidents they experience. The fight for equality and respect will always be done.

Spain Trans-women Dating

Dating an Transgender in Spain

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