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Unfold the Beauty of Barcelona and Find out Why It Is a Place of Love

Known as the second largest city in Spain and the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Barcelona will welcome you in its enchanting arms. Even though it is not Spain’s capital, it is more famous than Madrid. In fact, back in 1992, this city hosted the Olympic Games and this might have started the increase in tourism.

This city is no different than Madrid when it comes to transsexual protection rights. In fact, Barcelona encourages everyone to express who they are. They have freedom to choose who to date in their relationships. Same-sex marriages and child adoption are also legal here. In addition, transwomen also have the capacity to change their gender identity without undergoing surgical procedures. In 2011, blood donation from transsexuals were also started to be allowed.

Barcelona’s culture gives you vibe from centuries. Surrounded with arts, people in the city are encouraging each other to engage on different art activities. They also love sports, specifically football. No wonder Football Club Barcelona- a professional football club is located here. The city gives you the chance to meet your transsexual partner. Now, to have a wonderful date in Barcelona, we listed down suggestions you and your partner might consider.


If you love the sea then Nova Icaria Beach is a nice getaway.

A peaceful place where you can relax and lay under the sun. If you and your transsexual partner are adrenaline junkies, the beach offers water sports like windsurfing, paddle surfing, parasailing, or others that you may do together. There are plenty of beach in Barcelona that are budget-friendly and food around does not cost that much.

You can also have quiet walks around the beach at night where you can just enjoy each other’s presence or share some of the things you haven’t talked online. After all, being face to face with your transsexual partner can be quite scary and exciting at the same time. You’re not sure whether you will click in real life but the best thing you can do to make the relationship work is to show your true self.

Want to see a real-life labyrinth garden that looks like in the movies?

The Horta Labyrinth is a place where you can both walk around the maze of 2000 feet twists and turns. It is the city’s hidden gem and considered a tourist spot. Walk hand-in-hand, talk about your interest, and speak your heart out while you share the journey in the labyrinth garden with your transgender partner or you can just be intentionally lost in enjoying each other’s presence.

Watch magical dancing lights in the evening at The Magical Fountain

A beautiful view full of colors, light, music, and water will give you a memorable date with your partner. The magic fountain shows every night is between 8-10pm. Memories created in front of the fountain will definitely make it hard to forget. Sharing interest together is a good start for you and your transsexual partner from Barcelona.

Transgender-women in Barcelona

Dating Transgender-women from Barcelona

In choosing the right dating place, always consider your partner’s interest even if you want to have an element of surprise. That way, both of you can enjoy and who knows, one of you might want to have another date in Barcelona and pursue your relationship to another level.

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