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There’s Always Room for Love in a Sophisticated and Stress-Free City Called Bilbao

Bilbao is largely known for its green mountains. It is an industrial city that also embraces the traditional culture. This can be best shown in their architectural style which varies from the oldest to modern buildings. Situated in Northern Spain, it is known as the biggest city in the province of Biscay.

Just like the city of Madrid, it is jam-packed with museums and art galleries. Indeed, it is true that Spaniards have an appreciation and love for art. Further, they also preserve ancient objects which are usually placed in a museum. Aside from that, they offer a wide range of dishes influenced by Romans, Christians and Jewish people. One of their famous foods is called Bacalao Pil-Pil, it is a cod-fish fried in olive oil – almost every restaurant in Bilbao have this in their menu and it only varies from the twist put on the said dish.

Similar to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, there are several LGBT bars in Bilbao. Here, the city government protects the rights of LGBT people. That’s why it is all the more exciting to meet your transsexual partner here. When it comes to dating, this is one of the best places to be.

And in order to help you in such noble quest, we will give you dating ideas when you finally have the chance to meet your future transwoman partner.


For new Transgender dating experience, hiking at Mount Artxanda

This place is not only for hiking but also for picnics and people who love sports. They have a sports center that is good for open-air sports like tennis or badminton.

You and your partner can hike, and as soon as reaching the peak of the mountain, it will give you a spectacular view of the city. A trip to a mountain is a great escape from the busy life in the city. You and your transsexual partner can enjoy the view at the peak while holding hands. You can also propose your feelings while also feeling accomplished with your partner once you reach the top of the mountain.

Have a sweet food trip at the Chocolates de Mendaro

An old chocolate shop in Bilbao that offers not just chocolate but also sweet pastries. Once you taste it, it will be hard to resist.

Express your sweetness by giving sweet treats to your partner! From milk to dark chocolate, your transsexual partner will be pleased if you gave her a box of it. From its beautiful packaging to its fantastic taste, it will be a perfect gift. No one can say no to chocolates!

3Watch opera at Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao

The architectural style of the opera house will bring you to the neo-classical era. It might be an old building, but it still attracts tourists. They also perform classical ballet, for first timers it should be on your list to witness classical performances like this one.

Love for music and theatrical plays are part of the culture of Bilbao. So be sure to take your Bilbaoan transsexual partner to an opera house and watch shows together.

Teatro Arriaga Bilbao

Dating Trans-women from Bilbao

As you can see, the city is rich in attractions where you can set up a date. I think it’s time for you to find your match here in Bilbao! What are you waiting for? Register now at My Transgender Cupid. Don’t worry registering for TS dating is FREE.

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