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Edmonton, Alberta: Will You Be Lucky To Meet the One who Will Brighten Up Your Life?

Edmonton is the capital city of the province called Alberta. If you came at the right time, you might be lucky to witness the magic of the Aurora Borealis. It will surely be a memorable evening especially if you are together with your transsexual partner. Just like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, this city is LGBT friendly.

Included in the Alberta Human Rights Act is the protection of transgender people from discrimination in employment written under section 7 of the Human Rights Law. Stipulated therein is that no employer shall refuse to employ any person or discriminate against any person because of race, religious beliefs, color, gender, physical disability, mental disability age, place of origin, sexual orientation, family status and so on.

The definition of gender includes transgender people. Employers should also allow a transgender person to take a leave for medical reasons such as surgery or recovery from one. They are also duty bound to introduce the new gender of their employee since it is their inner identity. In addition, transgender people have the right not to disclose their choice to transition. However, if surgery will be pursued, they need to reveal their plan so that they can file a proper leave.

Isn’t Edmonton such a good city to visit? It’s really time you step up and meet your Canadian transgender partner here. To make it easy for you, see the places where you can go and have a fun date to make your relationship stronger.


1. High Level Bridge Streetcar for just 6 dollars!

Ride in a beautiful vintage piece that started way back 1913. Along the way, you will see the downtown, valley from 150 feet above offers an awesome view, and the conductor even offer historical facts aside from the volunteers that are part of the tour. It will make you appreciate the slow ride and you can even have a heart to heart talk while on the way. Just sitting together in the streetcar is actually enough and considered a lovely time with your transsexual partner.

2. Take a Segway adventure tour at Edmonton’s river valley

The Edmonton’s River Valley will start with an introduction from a certified member of the tour. The first part includes tips and training. After that, you are both going to join a picturesque Segway trek. During the cold months, you will be given snow-biting winter ties. Along the way, the tour guide will share some history about Edmonton.

If this is too much adventure for you, the River Valley Adventure also offers bike rentals and fishing equipment.

3. Enter the world of the amusement park at Galaxyland

Life is all about being happy and if your transgender partner has a knack for getting on rides, Galaxyland offers over 27 rides and attractions. A whole day is enough to try all the rides, just make sure to come early.

Take note, relationships last long when you talk and clarify things together. Make sure that you communicate well with your transsexual partner. ts dating isn’t enough when you don’t know where you stand in the relationship.

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