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Transgender dating in Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s biggest cities with a population greater than 1,5 million people. One of these 1,5 million can be your transgender match. Finding the perfect Trans in Montreal can be hard, since it is such a big city. MyTransgenderCupid helps you find the perfect transgender date in Montreal without leaving your house.

Montreal: Home to Many Festivals, But Can This Also Be A Home To Meet The One? You read it right. From Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal International Fireworks Festival, and Francofolie - this city is really one of its kind. In addition, they also have wide underground connections where subterranean structures and tunnels are located. It is a convenient choice especially during the winter months as well as providing shortcuts for citizens and visitors alike.

One of the safest cities in canada for transgender people

Montreal is included in the top 20 cities in the world where transgender rights are progressive. Therefor the Montreal Transsexual dating scene is pretty big.

In a survey conducted in 2016, Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey found out that over 60 percent of participants said they had been sexually harassed. Teenage participants between 14 to 18 said that they were injured or threatened. The said survey had 923 participants from the 10 provinces of Canada. Other transgender friendly cities for transgender dating in Canada are Vancouver and Toronto. 

In a life-changing event in 2017, Bill C-16 was passed in the Senate. Gender identity and gender expression were amended in the Canadian Human Rights Act. It also extended its protection against hate propaganda meant to go against transgender people and other gender identities. This was pushed through to ensure that inclusion and diversity will be embraced and that every Canadian will feel safe.

Did we forget to tell you that they have many places where you can take you transgender date? TS Dating in Montreal will be a breeze for they have a lot to offer, check out the places below prepared by My Transgender Cupid.

Meeting Montreal Trans online

Looking for a Montreal trans date? At MyTransgenderCupid you can easily find your perfect Montreal ladyboy match. With our user friendly filters you can easily find like minded transgenders or trans oriented men in Montreal. No more rejections or awkward conversations.

Looking for Montreal Transsexual woman in real life? You might want to visit one of the listed locations in Montreal. These are very transgender friendly:

  • Club Unity - 1171 St Catherine St E
  • Bar le Cocktail - 1669 St Catherine St E
  • Cabaret Chez Mado - 1115 St Catherine St E
  • Complexe Sky - 1478 St Catherine St E
  • District Video Lounge - 1365 St Catherine St E
  • Bar Aigle Noir - 1315 St Catherine St E
  • Bar Le Ritz PDB - 179 Rue Jean-Talon O
  • Notre Dame Des Quilles - 32 Rue Beaubien E

Transgender friendly dates in Montreal

Did you find a perfect transgender date in Montreal, but having trouble with what to do? No worries. We want to help you make this date into a great success. Therefor we listed some cool things to do with your transgender date in Montreal.

1. A simple dinner at Cinko

If you’re both keen on spending time but not at the expense of another one’s wallet, Cinko will give you a trendy themed restaurant. Meals are not expensive here. You should not miss their tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing! However, don’t expect that this venue will enable you to talk with each other. The place can have loud beats. The atmosphere has a fun, attractive and cool vibe. This will be a culinarygasmic experience for you and your transsexual date in Montreal.

2. Walk through Old Montreal without any destination in mind

Walking while just being amazed at the fantastic architectural landscape of Old Montreal can be pretty romantic. You can join tours with other people or just research on how you can show your transgender date the great architecture of the place. While exploring, you can also rest at cafés available around the area.

3. Enjoy a picnic in Parc La Fontaine

There’s nothing like a picnic with your transgener date in Montreal. The best way to get to know each other better. If you want something more personal and someplace where the crowd is not an issue, this is a nice place to see a nature-friendly view. You can relax and not think about the time while you are with your transsexual date. You can even ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask now that you are talking face to face.

Frequently asked questions about transgender dating in Montreal

Montreal is one of the top 20 cities in the world where transgender rights are progressive. Dating a transgender in Montreal is therefor considered accessible and safe.

Montreal has a vivid nightlife scene where you can find transgenders. Don’t fancy going outside? Start dating transgenders in Montreal via your phone!

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