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Cebu: Turn Your Love Fate Around at the Queen City of the South

This city is a popular destination among tourists. In fact, it fast becoming like Manila. But what sets it apart is it offers plenty of beautiful islands, perfect for those who are looking for their weekend getaway or summer trip.

Since this is still part of the Philippines, homosexuality is legal but same-sex marriage and changing gender identity is not allowed. Military service is also permitted and conversion therapy is banned. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity with regard to employment and housing is not allowed. However, in general, there is no discrimination law enacted yet.

But even if it may seem gloomy, people are quite tolerant when it comes to relating to the LGBT community. It still is one of the friendly communities an LGBT person can ever reside in. If you are excited to meet your Filipina transwoman partner in Cebu, we compiled a list of fun spaces where you can spend your days together.


1. Marvel at what Bantayan Island has to offer

Want to spend your time with your transsexual girlfriend privately? This Bantayan island will give you the peace and away from the hustle and traffic of the main city. To get here, you have to rent a boat. The waters are clear and you can even do some snorkeling even if you are just near the shore. You will surely not regret it once you also try some of their delicacies here. Food and accommodation are also affordable.

It is the ideal set up if you and your partner just want to get lost in the seas. There are also many opportunities for you to talk about your relationship.

2. See a magical ambiance at 10,000 Roses in Cordova café

It is best viewed at night but you can see the view from the café. It is inspired by Dongdaemun Design Plaza located in South Korea. It is meant for those who want to propose to their loved ones.

That’s why if you’re keen on asking your transsexual date's hand for marriage, this café was really made for you – where fairy tales begin and end happily.

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3. Take a hiking adventure at Sirao Peak

You can pitch a tent and camp out once you reach the peak. Be sure to prepare some nice food for you and your partner. But remember, do not bring too much as the hike will drain your energy. At night, you can even do some stargazing. Take your transgender partner’s hand and just enjoy as the night passes by.

Dating Transsexuals in Cebu

Dating Transsexuals in Cebu

Cebu is really packed with wonderful things and this is just the tip of what this city has to offer and great for ts dating! You can also be spontaneous and just go around and discover places there.

We truly hoped this article helped you. Ace your date!

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