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Transgender dating at the Capital of the Philippines, Manila

Manila is known for its traffic and abundance of the crowd. The streets are alive 24/7 – food and entertainment are available too. Seems like this is the city that never sleeps in the Philippines, a counterpart of New York, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, and Mumbai. For go-getters and those who seek love and pleasure, it’s the best option and everything is at a cheaper price compared to other countries.

Homosexuality is visible and legal. However, since the Philippines dominantly follows Christianity, marriage and changing gender identity is not legal. Adoptions can only be made by a person if he or she is homosexual. There’s also no discrimination laws that protect the LGBT community, Manila is one of the best cities for ts dating. To others, living as an LGBT person may look like it is not tough because of the growing distinguishability among the society but in reality, many people still struggle to be accepted in their homes and in their communities.

But there are many organizations that relentlessly continue to fight for the LGBT community. As such, Manila is still a majestic place for you to meet your transsexual partner. Take a look at our tips below for when you first meet the love of your life.


1. Have a fantastic view of the Manila Bay near Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

Do you want to be with your partner somewhere peaceful and a venue where you can simply say your thoughts to each other? Manila Bay will give you just that. If you want to see yachts on view, better head to the view of the bay near CCP. However, if you want to explore and do some shopping before sunset viewing, MOA is the place to go.

Always remember to establish relations with your transsexual partner once you meet her. Face-to-face interactions can still be intimidating for many and the test of online dating happens when you meet each other. You can opt to have a dinner in the middle of the sea or do some ice skating at one of the biggest malls in Asia. Ultimately, you always have to consider the preferences of your partner.

2. Plan A Food Trip

There are several restaurants in Manila and you’ll never run out of options here. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this city offers everything.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, go to Nook Café. For a travel-themed restaurant, head to Plane Bistro. For classic Filipino foods, visit Ristorante delle Mitre. Cat lovers? Check out Velvet Friends Cat Café. There are still more remarkable restaurants where you can go to but always keep in mind that the goal is to bring up the next step of your relationship. Be honest with your partner and things will run smoothly.

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3. Come together for a cycling session

You can rent bikes to navigate the streets of Manila. It is highly recommended to traverse during weekends because most people go back to their provinces at this time and the roads are almost free from vehicles. There’s a trail near CCP going to MOA. You can go for stops at restaurants along the way or just relax on the shades of trees you will encounter on your trip.

Dating Transsexuals in Manila

Dating Transsexuals in Manila

Always strive to be the best that you can when you meet your transwoman darling keeping in mind to put your best foot forward. Remember, meeting her might make or break your relationship. Be yourself but don’t forget to put extra effort on your date.

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