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You Should Not Miss Stockholm, a Contemporary City of Liberty

Stockholm is one of the world’s favorite gay and lesbian destinations. Everyone is welcome in the city and is given equal rights. A festival held every July-August called Stockholm Pride has become the highlight of the year. Did you know that the country where Stockholm is located- Sweden was the first country in the world to allow a post-sex reassignment surgery? It was held in the year 1972. They also provide same-sex couples to have a partnership benefit which includes allowing same-sex marriage. Thus, Sweden is considered one of the most socially liberal countries as they support the LGBT community, making them feel that they are no different from other people.

Stockholm is a beautiful and peaceful city as it unfolds a rich history, which makes it the best place to visit. Stockholmers are kind people that do not discriminate transsexual people. No wonder it is a favorite destination and is called “open city”. Their cuisines include lingonberry which they put on almost anything. They also have crispbread, crayfish, and of course lots and lots of sweets. You will definitely fall in love with Stockholm’s architectures and rich tradition.

Packed with amazing attractions, this is a great place to find a transsexual partner. To ease your burden, My Transgender Cupid made you guidelines and tips on where you and your transsexual partner can spend time together around the city.


Moderna Museum

Known as the house of modern art, paying a visit at a museum is a refreshing activity for you and your partner. Imagine looking at beautiful artworks and appreciating everything with your lover.

You can choose to go there on a cold or warm afternoon. Staying in the museum is a wonderful and enriching experience for the eyes. It is a place where you can speak your heart out, walk around holding each other’s hand while appreciating how amazing the works are. Do not forget to take photos together!


If you both love to dance then give Trädgården a visit. Located under Södermalm’s Skanstull Bridge, you might just say that it is the coolest club in town. Dance your heart out and make the memorable experience as you and your partner share your favorite dancing moves in a club that is under a bridge, exciting right? It can be an impeccable place to chill and just unwind. The club is only open on weekend nights and make sure to come early to have a spot. Sometimes, talking is also not an option. By spending time here, you can see just how much you understand each other with gestures and looks.


When you feel tired after walking around the city, Djurgården is an ideal place to rest. Located in the center of the city, the park is surrounded with greens and trees are in full bloom. The park is perfect for you and your partner to have a talk about your plans together or just simply snuggle with each other. The site will give you a refreshing vibe as if you’re in movies. Considering the peaceful ambiance of the park, this will also be a great place for you to ask your partner if they are willing to spend the rest of their life with you.p>

Exploring the city with your loved one is a great idea, as you get the chance to know each other better and the city as well. It benefits both of you, as you spend the whole day together. We wish that you and your partner will find the perfect TS dating place with our advice.

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