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One of the largest countries in Europe, Sweden is diverse in its nature and climate. It has one of the most beautiful forests in the world, including varieties of orchids that will just take your breath away. You will also have a rare chance to meet bears and wolves.

Swedish people also take care of their cultural heritage and nature reserves by promoting environmental protection. They also have a lot of space where they can move there with only 23 people per square kilometer compared to other European countries with an average of 1000 people per square kilometer.

With that said, there are so many good things about Sweden, also including they are one of the most LGBT friendly countries like Philippines, Thailand, and the Netherlands. Some of the facts about transgender people living there are listed below, check it out.


Discrimination is prohibited

Swedish laws always concern themselves in providing a space where everyone can grow regardless of their identity. Thus, LGBTQ enjoys the same rights and have equal opportunities just like other people living in their country.

] It was also the first country to allow gender identity change. However, mandatory sterilization was implemented until 2013. There are still so much to improve but since they are taking long strides to achieve equality for everyone you can be sure that your Swedish transsexual partner enjoys a high level of confidence in her country.

Just in 2009, gender-neutral wedding laws were created. And in the year 2011, discrimination based on sexual orientation was prohibited. They can even file cases in the Equality Ombudsman if they feel like they have been discriminated. It is not perfect yet as shown in the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights LGBT survey last 2012 showing that 35 percent of Swedish LGBT still feels they have been discriminated or harassed because of their gender identity.

Transgender people continue to fight for their rights

The best thing about being in Sweden is transwomen don’t just sit around in corners. They don’t accept their current reality as permanent. They don’t get tired of raising their voices and telling people that enough is enough – this is the main reason why their rights have drastically changed over the past few years.

Another good thing that organizations here also do is helping other transwomen to be exiled in Sweden because they are persecuted in their own countries.

The Church of Sweden supports love, regardless of their sexual orientation

With this bold move and support from the Church, there is less pressure to hide their identity from the society. You can be sure that with this support, a Swedish transsexual partner will not settle for less and she will always strive to get what she wants and needs. Make sure you know the stand of your relationship and be clear about your intentions. They want something real and they want the love they think they deserve.

Sweden Transgender-women Dating

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