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Transgender dating in Lyon

This city is rich in history and architectural landmarks. In fact, it is considered as a home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its significant role in the creation and production of silk. Aside from that, there’s an abundance of ancient ruins, Renaissance structures, and medieval quarters.

Now, it is also considered a capital of gastronomy in France with many people attesting that this place has the best chefs in the world. Their well-known restaurants are called bouchons – a place that offers typical and traditional local dishes and wines.

Same-sex activity used to be considered a capital crime with the death penalty as punishment. It was only in 1971 that it got changed during the French Revolution. Then, 2004 came and homophobia anti-discrimination was amended to the existing anti-discrimination legislation.

Further, in 2013, France finally legalized same-sex marriage as well as adoption. And in 2009, France made a breakthrough when it declassified transgenderism as a mental illness – it was the first country to do so. Lyon, just like Paris, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, also holds pride marches for the LGBT community.

Isn’t Lyon an interesting city to finally meet your transgender partner? If your answer is yes, check out our list of places where you can prove that romance is not yet dead.


1. Food hopping at the gastronomical city

You should never miss trying out their quenelles (oval-shaped dumplings), salade Lyonnais (green salad with bacon, croutons, and boiled egg), cervelle de canut (curd cheese), praline rose (almonds coated in sugar), and Beaujolais nouveau (famous wine in Lyon).

You can visit La Boulangerie du Palais, and Jocteur for the best sweets in the city. To try out wines, go to Bar Le Melhor or The Monkey Club. If you have a lot of money to spend, take your transsexual date to Les Trois Dômes or Le Splendid.

Don’t forget to reserve ahead of time because slots are limited. While you look for the places you want to eat, there’s plenty of time to talk to your sweetheart. Start with the simple questions and perhaps you can bring up the difficult questions about your relationships such as what’s next after your little trip to see her. Communication is the key to a good relationship so make your stay count.

2. Take a feel trip at the Institut Lumière

Anybody who has at least taken an introductory film class knows how the Lumière brothers have changed the art of making movie drastically by helping invent the cinematrograph (the first motion picture camera and projector).

At this museum, together with your transwoman darling, you can both rediscover where French filmmaking started. There’s a lot to discover inside aside from watching a documentary. However, be prepared to pay extra if you don’t understand the French language so you can have an audio guide.

Dating Trans-women in Lyon

Dating Transsexuals in Lyon

Got more ideas about your possible dating plan in Lyon? My Transgender Cupid hopes you have more plan aside from what we’ve suggested so far. Make sure you impress your Transsexual partner once you meet her. If you haven’t signed up on our site yet and got interested after reading our article, now’s the time to register. We can’t wait to see you here.

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