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Philadelphia is also one of the most liberal cities in the United States alongside Phoenix, Tempe, New York, among many others. Over 60,000 Philadelphians identify themselves as LGBTQ and non-discrimination laws and municipal services are implemented for them. Their law enforcement is also trained to be culturally sensitive. In general, the city has a strong heart for the LGBTQ community – they are committed to serving, supporting and protecting everyone.

However, because of lack of statewide laws, transgender people are the most vulnerable in the society. Violence, discrimination, and lack of access to resources are still experienced by the transgender community. Even so, Philadelphia continues to thrive in its goal to make the city more inclusive for everyone. In this attempt, Philadelphia has prohibited discrimination in employment, housing, and places of accommodation since 1963. Then, it was only in 2002 where gender identity discrimination was banned.

And the best thing is you can report any cases of discrimination to the Philadelphia Commission on Human Resources. Overall, the city took significant steps for everyone to be well-represented in their community. We hope the introduction convinced you to visit your Philadelphian transgender partner.

To help you in such quest, we’ve compiled a list of places you can go with your transsexual partner in order to seal your relationship.


1. Invite your date at the Cherry Hill Skating Center

Pop music? Black lights? Roller skates? Arcade games? All those four are in this place. It will make you go back in time, to when you were still teens. They have an adult-only designated time available from 10 pm to 12:30 am every first Friday of the month. Hold your trans-woman’s hand while skating the area.

And since you’re bent on reminiscing the good old day, there’s also a nearby steakhouse named The Pub where you can continue your date and talk about the serious stuff. They have a lot on their menu, so better check your date’s preference.

2. Marvel at the night sky at the Planetarium

Ever dream of giving your lover a dreamy date? Then this place is a perfect choice. The Planetarium offers cutting-edge astronomical presentations. You would see the real look of the night sky without any interruptions. We’re pretty sure, your transsexual partner will never forget this stargazing moment where you held hands and just enjoy the view prepared by the Franklin Institute.

And if you want the continue the quality time you have with your partner, you can go to Society Hill Dance Academy after where you’ll have a private dance lesson with your date. You can choose either Salsa, Mambo, Hustle, Swing, Ballroom Dancing and many more. Guaranteed these activities will make you feel closer than ever.

3. For a more formal dating plan: take you date at One Liberty Observation Deck

Make the night memorable by taking your date here as you experience the stunning sunset and the spectacular view of the whole city. They have darkened dining rooms and skyline views that will surely up the romantic feels for your partner. If you are also keen on proposing to your transgender partner, this is a good choice of place to take the next step in your relationship with her.

Trans-women in Philadelphia

Dating Trans-women in Philadelphia

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