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Transgender love in an intense and chaotic place like Naples

Nothing prepares you for your trip to Naples. It’s vibrant, colorful and at the same time chaotically imbued with silence. Sometimes it will really get to you. Several places offered here are almost always skipped by tourists because they have already visited more famous attractions in Rome and Florence. However, keep in mind that this city offers diverse experiences and contrary to the popular belief Naples does not only mirror poverty, it is also full of modern landscapes, cultural museums and, old-fashioned churches.

Even with such amazing things, hate and transphobic crimes are still rampant. Just last 2016, there was a transwoman named Nunzia who was discriminated because of her gender identity. The health professionals were debating what ward to put her in, even though the focus should be on her heart problems. In the end, she decided to go out of the hospital. After the incident, Associazone Transessuale di Napoli (ATN) together with Arcigay held a protest against the hospital (San Giovanni Bosco).

But even with this existing stigma of being viewed as freaks and not normal beings, transgender people are quite visible in the society. And if you’re still up for the challenge, My Transgender Cupid prepared a list of things you could do when you visit your partner in Naples.


Dating tip 1: Hike the slopes of Mount Vesuvius

Relationships are stronger when you do magnificent things together. This hike will take an average of 30 minutes and are open for beginners. Having no hiking experience is quite acceptable and you are both going to see the amazing views on top of Mount Vesuvius. Do this activity but make sure of the status of the volcano. The caldera and crater can be an awesome view to see. Plus, it will help you and your transsexual partner to help each other reach the peak together – team work makes the dream work!

Dating tip 2: Face-to-face with the graves

Interested to see underground graves, fifth-century mosaics, and Christian-themed paintings? Hike up your spooky feels because this is an unusual but exciting place to date your lover! A lot of tourists have agreed that visiting the catacombs was the best place they have visited in this city. However, they also believe that a tourist guide is needed to make the experience come alive. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm and the admission only cost 9 euros.

Dating tip 3: Pizza food trip cannot be skipped

There’s absolutely no reason for you not to try Neapolitan version of pizza. Their specialty is made using wood-fired ovens. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele should not be missed as this is the most famous pizza place there and has been built around 1800s. However, if it can’t be helped, there are still pizza places like Pizzeria Di Matteo, Pizzeria Da Attilio, or Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo. Since they take pizza making seriously, it is assured that every pizza has been built to satisfy your taste buds.

Naples Transgender-women Dating

Dating an Transgender in Naples

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