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Amidst Chaos: Milan is Safe Haven for Transgender

Upon checking Italy as a whole, it is referred to as one of the least places where transgender people can have freedom and be themselves. However, Milan is the exception to that definition. This place is many things – decorated intricately with monuments, rich history, several leisure activities, and most of all there’s an abundance of transsexuals living here. This is shown by the number of LGBT friendly clubs that have been created here.

They set the best example how people can live in harmony even with the sexual differences and traditional beliefs. They even have a membership card called Arcigay that is specially made for LGBT people. The said card enables them to participate in saunas, cruises, political activities, and support to their struggle against homophobia in Italy. Part of the membership fee is a contribution to the yearly Pride March.

If you’re just as excited as we are, we present you the list where you can have the best and fun dates in Milan.


Dating tip 1: Don’t miss having a night out at the theatre

Perhaps, everyone can agree that watching an opera may be the most cinematic and romantic thing you can do for your date. Tickets are usually sold out – that’s how good they are, so make sure that you book ahead of time if you want to surprise your transsexual partner. Teatro Alla Scala is one of the best opera houses in Europe and was founded in the 18th century by Archduchess Maria Theresa. Not only is a night of music the one you should look forward to but as well as the crimson and gold interior filled with the best crowd.

Dating tip 2: Bike around the streets of Milan

If it is your first time to visit Milan, you definitely should try biking while dating. Just make sure your partner is comfortable doing it. There are also tours in the morning, afternoon or evening or you can just ditch those and wander along the streets while talking to your lover. There are many biking rentals all over the place and even if you don’t know where to go, the whole place is just full of scenic designs and while you’re both on your way to unknown places, you can stop by to have coffee or share lunch in the town.

Dating tip 3: After exploring the city, take a break at what they fondly call their mini-countryside

Cascina Cuccagna does not only offer a restaurant, it also has a special garden, market, guest houses, bar, and you can even take classes with your transgender partner such as yoga and carpentry. You can get the best recommendation at the information desk and you’ll surely will not run out of things to do in this place. It is a quaint place just restored back in 2002.

Milan Transgender-women

Dating an Transgender in Milan

We hope you enjoy your stay in Milan with the one you love. Relationships are hard to maintain especially if it is long distance but make sure that you create a good impression when you meet your transsexual partner. Have fun in the welcoming city of Milan! If you are not yet a member at My Transgender Cupid, sign up now for FREE for ts dating!

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