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One of the Rainbow Cities in Italy, Turin Is an LGBT Friendly City

With strict upbringing of old-fashioned beliefs in Italy, surprisingly, the city of Torino has established its own LGBT office to have an open discussion regarding LGBT issues as well as to connect transgender people. This was also established to promote non-discrimination to LGBT netizens as well as provide them with specific activities and services that they deserve. It also aims to make everyone freely involved in cultural sports and other events. In fact, this is the birthplace of LGBT pride.

In their education, they also combat homophobic bullying and promote social acceptance in both public and private schools. They also help transgender people to transition into workplace and even provide training courses for public administration to empower them. Turin is really an amazing city to meet your future transsexual partner. To aid on your dates when you finally meet your partner, My Transgender Cupid prepared dating ideas that will surely give you positive points.


Dating tip 1: Wander around the city with your transsexual partner

If there’s one helpful thing to do to make sure the relationship will work – it is to communicate with your partner and walking around the city will help fulfill that. You can go along Vanchiglia, Quadrilatero, or just go to places that are not usually part of the tourist guide. Sometimes the best places to go are the hidden gems that’s just waiting to be found. You can walk together while enjoying a coffee or stopping by to taste Nutella. After all, this is where it was created.

Dating tip 2: Take a food trip along the park called Parco Valentino

Also known as the second largest park in Turin, this place boasts of an awesome botanical garden, a medieval village, and the Valentino Castle. You can walk or engage in cycling as you explore places that has an abundance of cafés and restaurants.

Have a food trip while getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes. The simple things done in life can reveal a person’s attitude. In doing so, you are adding to the list of the things you know with each other. You begin to identify what makes your partner excited, sad, and even the things she don’t want to do.

Dating tip 3: Experience joy in trying out different chocolates

Nothing beats showing how sweet you are by discovering different chocolates. They might not be the inventors of chocolate but they take creating them seriously. In fact, confectionery is an art there. There’s a chocolate for every personality and you get to sample a lot of them through ChocoPass. After purchasing it, you will have 10 vouchers equal to 10 chances of tasting chocolates from 22 shops. It includes cakes, biscuits, ice cream, pralines, and many more.

Trans-Women in Turin - Italy

Dating Trans-weomen in Turin

As you can see, Turin is a great city for dating! Cheers to your future relationship and we hope you really meet the one in Italy.

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