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How to Find Trans Love in a Conservative Country like Italy

Italy does a lot of awesome things including pizza, pasta, opera, and the old ruins they preserve. There’s also gelato, Neapolitan, biscotti spumoni, zeppole, tiramisu and other desserts that are the center of Italian cuisine. They even reached a breakthrough when they finally allowed civil unions back in 2016.

However, even with some of the established rights of transgender people, Italy is not an ideal country to be a trans-woman. To know more about this, My Transgender Cupid gathered information about this country situated in Western Europe.


Transwomen are always at risk of experiencing violence

Back in 2016, there was an attack at a Rome gay center and five transgender people were murdered. There was also a teacher who was fired because she didn’t want to address the rumors surrounding her sexual orientation. Though, later on, the Catholic school who fired her had to pay damages.

However, even with this consistent struggle, Italy is trying to make things right for transgender people by taking small steps such as banning homophobia in sports and banning religious schools to discriminate against a person’s sexual orientation.

If you meet your Italian transsexual partner, she might not be too confident with specific areas when TS dating. Be careful of your relationship because some people have no qualms about inflicting hurt towards Trans-women.

Italy’s LGBT community faced discrimination with the elections being held

As mentioned above, Italy is mostly influenced by religion predominantly Catholic. And during the time when civil union rights were implemented, the transgender community was not fully contented with the decision because adoption rights are not included in the bill. In short, same-sex couples cannot be given the right to adopt a child just like heterosexual couples do. And the center-right coalition highlighted this in their campaign by making people believe they are fighting it for the sake of preserving the ‘traditional family’.

But the argument can be made that this is quite not a wise idea. Why not allow them to adopt a child when you already gave them the freedom to have a relationship? Regardless of these issues, Italy is still a good country to date Trans-women. You will find them feisty and unreserved in confessing their feelings.

Italian shows are finally showing LGBT stories

The progress is slow and there are still so many negative things to consider but media portrayal is helping change the view or at least making transwomen more tolerable by showing them as normal persons too, who loves, becomes hurt, and is struggling with society’s expectation of them.

Italian Transgender Dating

Dating an Italian Transwomen

If you want a romance mixed with a touch of societal conflict – an Italian Trans-women may be the one you’re looking for. With their long history of fighting for their rights and their continued struggle for acceptance, you are sure to find someone fiercely loyal once she identifies you as her lover.

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