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When I was at University, I met three Transgender women from Birmingham. All three who were studying in the same faculty as me. Apart from all being transgender, we found we also had a lot of other things in common. And we spent much of our second year together, studying and socializing and looking for guys to date.

By the third year we had rented a house together. There was me, Kelly; Tina a T-girl with Jamaican heritage, and Karin. Karin came from Germany, but who had lived in Birmingham for the previous five years. And Leslie from the Edgbaston suburb.

Not all Transgender women are the same

Both Tina and I had been through puberty blockers and had been on hormones for some time. And we were fully out Transgender women, living full-time as the females we were meant to be. Karin and Leslie, on the other hand, were a year or so behind us on their transition paths. Leslie was also different in some ways such as she didn't like men and referred to herself as Trans girl lesbian. She prefers the company of other women, both emotionally and physically.

One weekend, Leslie invited us to Birmingham to spend some time at her house as her parents were away. And I remember her calling it a "Trans coming out weekend" (even though, as I said, Tina and I were out already). As we were all keen to see what Birmingham men were like and see if any of us stood a chance to find a good guy and get to date him.

Now, for those who don't know, Birmingham is UK's second city, by size and population. It may not be as diverse in terms of minorities as London or Manchester. But, from what I knew, there were lots of Transgender women living there. Quite a few Trans-pinay and Ladyboys from overseas too. Given that many Filipinos and Thais work in the UK's major cities as nurses or health care professionals.

To be fair, it is a very fine distinguishing line between the renowned Tranny chaser. And other men who are genuine and looking for long term relationship. The former admires T-women, perhaps as a fetishist type thing, whereas the second type of men sees T-girls as another type of woman. And one with who he can happily co-habit and build a loving relationship. Secondly, some Transgender women who encourage the aforesaid Tranny chasers. Or curiosity seekers and enter into paid, short term liaisons. They use the money they receive for day to day living if they have no job. Or it is saved towards the costs of some of the many cosmetic surgeries most T-girls aspire to have. Whatever the reason, London has all sort of dating arrangements between consenting adults.

T-girls and Trans-women in nightclubs in Birmingham

Our weekend in Birmingham was very enjoyable. Seeing a new city and getting around some of the museums and art galleries. Not only that, but we managed to meet up with another two Transgender women. On Saturday afternoon they suggested we meet later that night in one of the famous night clubs. Those where night clubs where T-girls from all around the country like to congregate.

Again, the night was very enjoyable. Except that the chances of any one of us T-girls finding a nice guy to date in that Birmingham night club were almost zero. I knew that as soon as we walked in and saw the usual types of men leering at us. Or elbowing each other as if to encourage one of their ilks to come across and talk to us.

Transgender dating scene

I’ve been in such places before and, I don’t like this part of the ts dating scene. No matter whether it’s in Birmingham or elsewhere. You get guys who only want to know what’s in our panties or feel that can ask personal questions. Which they’d never dream of asking a genetic woman—sometimes even before they ask you your name.

We talked in detail about Transgender dating sites

The four of us talked about dating for Trans-girl dating at length the next day on the train back to Uni. "My conclusion, I said," is that, in future, I am going to stick with reputable dating sites for Transgender women such as MyTransgenderCupid.”

'Me too, agreed Tina.' 'No more transgender night club fiascos for me.'

Leslie asked why we wanted to use a specialized transgender dating site. But she would have done I guess, given that she is really looking for another T-girl or genetic girl to date.

"Well, with sites such as MyTransgenderCupid, all the guys on the site looking for T-girls know we are Transgender. And all the men I contact clearly have an interest in dating females like us. I can chat with a guy on a site for a few days, a week or even longer. Asking him all sorts of questions, and letting him ask me what he wants, within reason, "I replied. Then, if we think there is likely to be something between us, then we can meet at our leisure, and at a place to suit us both."

"I agree," added Tina. "I've met and dated a few guys from several sites. But I find MyTransgenderCupid the best one around. The guys seem to be more genuine. And looking for a relationship and not chasing us because we are T-girls."

Transgender dating sites have something for everyone

"Well then, I should give that site a try, said Karin, smiling. "I'm keen to find a man who wants more than to just jump into bed with me on the first date. I'd like to find someone with some brains up top, as well as the one that's in his pants. How do I sign-up?"

I laughed. Just a moment. Here is the link to that dating site," I added as I sent her a WhatsApp message.

"What about me?" asked Leslie.

We all turned to look at her.

"Go on give it a go," said Tina, the first to reply. "You might find your ideal Trans-woman, GG (genetic girl) or even a T-man from Birmingham on the site...., you never know!"

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