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Dating for Transgender women from Manchester | United Kingdom

You might expect that Manchester, with its renowned thriving gay scene, is an ideal place for Trans women looking to date in the United Kingdom.

Almost all minorities under the LGBTQI acronym are well represented in the city. And the general population is both an eclectic mix of people and diverse when it comes to gender. And also sexuality and whatever else you want to find. Transgender women are well represented in this melting pot of humanity. With T-girls from a multitude of nationalities. Including Thai Ladyboys, Trans-pinay Filipinos and Trans women from Europe and The Caribbean.

Transgender girls in Manchester come from all over the world

Many such girls were attracted by The Village. The epicenter of gay life in Manchester. And the relative freedom and acceptance which came along with the gay culture. Of course, Manchester is also very popular for its and arts and culture. Its Universities attract nationalities from all over the world. Especially Asians from Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore etc. And, last but not least, its sports teams. Think the famous soccer teams.

So, for Transgender women from overseas and from UK itself looking to work or study in England. Manchester is an ideal place to be located. Diverse, relatively tolerant and easily accessible to most parts of the country.

Manchester has one of the biggest LGBT scenes of the United Kingdom and you can find a lot of Trans-women.

As The Village grew from being a gay-male centric location. Lesbians, bisexuals and non-binary people began to become aware of the great restaurants, bars and clubs. And other night-life opportunities which were on offer and frequented the area. Given that, let's say 20 years ago, not so many Transgender women were visible in Manchester. (or in the public at large for that matter). So, in The Village, T-girls were not so evident. Preferring to stay with places they knew, places they felt safer.

T-girls gradually became more visible in Manchester

What did happen is that a number of cross-dressers (if you don't know the difference between a cross-dresser and a T-girl, you really should find out!) began to test the waters of The Village. As it were; small groups of CD's would hold nights-out or private parties in The Village. Becoming known and accepted as with any other minority under the LGBTQI banner. This, in turn encouraged Trans women to venture forth. And soon T-girls were very much part of the scene as with CD's and other non-binary or gender fluid people.

Is Manchester, therefore, a good place for Transgender women to look for, find and date men? Seemingly yes; but there are caveats and conditions, just as, I guess, there are for any T-girl looking to date.

Challenges for Transgender women looking to date

The challenges for most T-girls looking to date are the same in Manchester or elsewhere. No matter how big and open the LGBTQI scene is, the same few concerns and problems pop up. I'll go through some of these shortly. But, at the end of the day. I came to realize that the quickest, safest and most effective way for any Transgender woman to find a man to date. Is through one of the better Transgender dating United Kingdom sites such as MyTransgenderCupid

Isn't it better to join such a T-girl dating site and look through the profiles and photos of eligible men and women. Then have to get ready, travel an hour or more and hang around a bar on the off-chance you may meet a guy you like?

Isn't it better to have some conversations with a man on MyTransgenderCupid

Who appeals to you, getting to know him. Know something about his likes and dislikes, ambitions, career and so on. Rather than meet someone in a night-club. Who you might not be able to talk to owing to the crowds, the noise of the music. And, after 5 minutes, you realize he is not compatible with you; and worse still, you can't get rid of him?

For any Transgender woman, isn't it better to exchange emails. Or talk on live chat with a potential suitor. Ask him why he is attracted to T-girls, find out more about his intentions. Is he looking for a longer-term relationship; nor does he see you as another “notch on the bedpost”? Is he worried about what his friends might say? If they know he is ts dating a T-girl or does it not matter, he is honest above such concerns?

Dating for Trans-women in Manchester

And, finally, a very big one for T-girls looking to date in Manchester or elsewhere: safety and security. You have to be aware that there are men out there who objectivize and fantasize about being with a Trans woman. So-called curiosity seekers or attention seekers. Of course, it's not 100% possible to avoid such men. But online transgender dating gives you a much better opportunity to screen them out. And not compromise your own personal safety.

My conclusion: find someone interesting online on a Trans girl dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. And, after you have got to know him well. Ask him to take you to The Village in Manchester and have a nice meal or great night out there!

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