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Hidden in the Shadows: Where to Find Love at the Capital

Undoubtedly, Rome is on the bottom list of preferred countries for transgender people to be in. They are living in a tough and miserable world, always going in circles. But surprisingly, even with their limited rights given to transsexuals, this country had an emperor who was a transgender. His named was Elagabalus and he acted like a true feminine even if he was wed to five women. But he did not have any child. Later on, he had a relationship with a slave called Hierocles who he fondly calls as his husband.

Even if transgender people already exist at that time, Rome is where the Vatican sits – being deeply influenced by religion, it is not a welcoming neighborhood. Despite such circumstances, Roman transgenders still thrive and continue to exist in the society. They can still go around the city, but if people identify them as transsexual, they will be avoided, even in public transports. However, if you plan to go here to meet your transsexual partner, there are still many places you can go to. Check out our list below.


Dating tip 1: If you love cats, visit Romeow Cat Café

There’s nothing more romantic than taking care of something you both love. Taking care of pets such as cats will help you bond and you will also see the other side of your partner – how she really relates to the one she loves. This is a fun thing to do on your first date and you both might never want to leave, the Romeow Cat Café is the place to be.

Dating tip 2: Artists or do you both have an appreciation for art? Ostiense is the one you should go to

There are so many places like Pigneto and Quadraro where you can explore to see different and unique artworks that will surely convince you and your date to purchase. But Ostiense is the usual metropolitan area where people go to. When you go there, you’ll be in awe of the faded marble and bricks that will make you feel like time has stopped.

This can be a good chance for you to stimulate a good conversation with your transwoman partner.

Dating tip 3: Stray away from the famous place and take the offbeat path

By going to unusual places, you’ll find relish in the quietness and the comfort of just being together with your partner. Coppedè district looks almost like a deserted place, but in this place, you will see awesome architectural designs made by a surrealist artist called Gaudi.

The alternative is going to Parco degli Acquedotti where there are enormous rock channels that enable Ancient Roman to be reinvigorated. It is a wide place that creates distance where people can just keep to themselves. Locals there jog, take a picnic, or just simply read a good book. Ultimately it is up to you and your partner what to do here. But it’s pretty far away from all the judgmental people in the world. You’ll really find peace here.

Transgenders in Rome - Italy

Dating an Transgender in Rome

Thank you for reading our dating ideas and My Transgender Cupid truly hopes that you’ll face fewer difficulties in Rome when you visit your transgender partner. If you are not registered yet, it is time to do so. Don’t hesitate, signing up will not incur any fee.

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