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Calgary (Canada) is also a city of the province of Alberta just like Edmonton. It gives you a friendly, vibrant, and diverse vibes. It also bagged the recognition of being the first Canadian City host a Winter Olympics in the year 1988. In 2016, it was known as the cleanest city in the world. All in all, this city is nothing short of phenomenal.

In 2005, same sex marriages were legalized through the Civil Marriage Act. However, clergymen or other officials have the right to refuse to perform marriage ceremonies. Enough of the downside, same-sex married couples are also allowed to get a divorce.

Though it is quite a small city compared to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, there are a lot of organizations that offer peer support to their co-LGBTQ people such as New Directions, Mosaic, Trans Families, PFLAG Canada, Transformers, Possibilities, Miscellaneous Youth Network, Inside Out Youth Group, among many others.

If you are going to visit your Canadian transsexual partner, here’s the list of places where you are assured of a fun dating day or week.


1. Prepare to be kids once again at the Flying Squirrel

If the weather is not so good outside, you can choose to jump at the indoor trampoline park - The Flying Squirrel. It’s a good start if you are not yet up to having serious talk with your transgender partner. Both of you can swing on rope into a foam pit, challenge yourselves on different obstacle courses and if both of you have the confidence, you can also try to do back flips.

2. Keeping the romance alive at the Olympic Plaza

Whether your transsexual partner can skate or not, this activity will surely make you closer to each other. You can even hold hands as you skate around. There’s also available snacks nearby at Meat & Bread. And if you’re lucky enough, you can dance and participate at one of the many festivals that are held there.

3. If you’re both fans of parks, Calgary is the city you should choose

First on the list is the Nose Hill Park. This one has trails and can be your little retreat away from the city life. You can walk around, take pictures together, and talk about absolutely anything regarding your relationship.

Second is the Prince’s Island. It is an island with 20 hectares. It has three bridges that connects all the pathway and hiking trails. In that same island, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Shakespeare in the Park, Carifest, Canaday, and many more are held here.

4. Something more intimate at the Frenchie Wine Bar

You’re both done eating dinner and you still think that your bonding time is not enough. This 15-seat wine bar will give you a sense of privacy and spontaneity. There’s no rush here. You can talk about the silly things, the topics you can’t bring up when you’re just both online communicating.

Dating in Calgary

Dating Transsexuals in Calgary

Do you think Calgary is the city for you to find love or you just became interested after reading this article? Dating has never been more fun in Calgary. That’s why if you’re not yet a member, it’s very easy to sign up at My Transgender Cupid. We do not charge anything upon your registration. Hurry now!

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