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Make Her Fall in Love at This Fascinating City

Belo Horizonte is a city in Brazil that has a wonderful division of both traditional and modern. Most tourists usually visit São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, but you will not regret if you’ll visit the third biggest city in Brazil. It will offer you different horizons, don’t forget to try their fresh milk and cheese!

They also have one of the most diverse and internationally recognized festivals in Brazil, such as the Virada Cultural (24-hour Cultural Festival), Festival Internacional de Teatro (Theater Festival), and Forum Internacional de Danca (Dance Forum). Homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and adoption rights are also legal here just like in Manaus, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Fortaleza.

Are you anticipating to meet your Brazilian transsexual partner? If yes, along with our support to your excitement, we at My Transgender Cupid also want to share to you a list of place where you can date your transgender woman and prove that long distance relationships may not be so bad after all, you just have to give it a chance.


1. Bibliophiles? Go to Café com Letras

If you both have the passion for reading and you don’t mind not talking to each other the whole time, this Café com Letrascoffee place is not an experience like any other.

They have live jazz on Sundays, DJs on Thursday up to Saturday, and bohemian sets are played in-between breaks. The place also offers free wi-fi. With all the happenings, you should still find a way to tap into a conversation so that your transwoman sweetheart will know where she will seat. And if you both got trained with everything, just browse the shelves and start reading your best book yet.

2. Try food hopping at different restaurants

There are several activities that can be done here in Belo Horizonte but if it is your first time that you meet your transsexual partner, it might be good to focus on her first and one way to do this is to bond with her through food.


Lovers can really evaluate if they can be together with a person by knowing her habits, what she eats, what she likes, and other trivial things that are vital to a relationship. Three of the recommended places are Glouton (they specialize in French classics), Domenico (pizzas, salads, and pasta), and Marilia Pizzeria (pizza place with a bar)

3. For football fans, don’t miss the Mineirão & Museu Brasileiro de Futebol

This place hosts about 65,000 people and was just recently renovated last 2014 for the World Cup. By visiting this place, you will have access to locker rooms, showers, press rooms, playing field and many more. This is a chance for you to have that nerd talk if you are both football fans.

Dating Transsexuals in Belo Horizonte

Dating Transsexual women in Belo Horizonte

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