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Authentic Brazilian Transgender Experience at São Paulo

Homosexuality is accepted in São Paulo State - Brazil. In fact, it is legal there. Since 1980, LGBT rights organization such as SOMOS have already been established.

In 2001, the São Paulo Law No. 10 948 was enacted, it provided penalties for those who discriminate against people based on their gender identity. In addition, a male gay couple from Catanduva was able to legally adopt a five-year-old girl in the same year.

Further, in 2012, it achieved becoming the most popular state in Brazil because the Justice Court of the São Paulo made same-sex marriages legal. Just last June 3, 2018, the 22nd annual São Paulo Pride Festival took place and the event was politically-driven as the LGBT community called on lawmakers and candidates to voice their support for LGBT equality with the upcoming October elections on the way.

Though there are growing hate and propaganda against the LGBT community just like in the other states of Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia, São Paulo still offers a great experience for the LGBT community. However, the truth still stands that the situation is far from more liberal cities such as Seattle, Brooklyn, Washington, Alabama, and California.

Without further ado, below are the places you can have a date and surely win the heart of your transgender partner:


1. Have the best coffee at the Coffee Lab

Brazil is known as one of the world’s largest coffee producers. That’s why it is no surprise that it is easy to look for a coffee that will suit your taste. But what sets the Coffee Lab apart is that it offers a different kind of experience – from its staff clad in mechanic inspired onesies to a detailed booklet about the coffee blends offered by the café, every aspect of the place has a specific purpose for everyone to give the best coffee experience. It is the best time to take a break from everything, feel the serenity of the place, and have great conversations with your transgender sweetheart.

Perhaps, before going to the Coffee Lab, you can take the São Paulo Walking Tour if you both want to learn about the history, politics, and other significant places. It is a free walking tour, you just have to stop by at the Tourist Information Center. There are two kinds of tour: the Old Downton Walk which focus on historical places and takes about 3 to 4 hours and the Paulista Avenue walk which focuses on modern landscapes and will take 1-2 hours.

2. Listen to classical music at the Sala São Paulo

The Sala São Paulo have an amazing music hall and one of the most fantastic places to hear classical music.

It used to be an old train station but was renewed in 1999 and now it serves as a concert hall of the Symphonic Orchestra of SP (OSESP).

Dating Transsexuals in São Paulo

Dating Transsexuals in São Paulo

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