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Visit the Heart of Amazon, Meet the Heart of Your Life

Manaus city is the capital of the state of Amazonas situated in the North region of Brazil. As an additional trivia, it sits near the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. It hosts different ocean vessels and as such, the government installed a fishing terminal.

Amazonas is quite a good state for transgender people to live in just like in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and São Paulo. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are legal. In addition, gender identity change does not require surgery, adoption is also legal, and conversion therapy is banned. However, there is no legal protection when it comes to employment discrimination, housing discrimination and other forms of discrimination. But even with that disadvantage, they are still one of the liberal cities for LGBT community with homosexuals being allowed to serve in the military and their blood donations are also accepted.

Thrilled to know Manaus? If you are convinced to visit your transgender partner to where she lives, My Transgender Cupid took the time to compile a list of activities or places where you can take your date.


1. Have an awesome day at the Amazon river

It’s fun to travel, meet the one you like, and with nature as your witness. The rainforest is part of the 7 Wonders of Nature so you can just imagine how great it will be to see it personally.

Anticipate the meeting of the waters of the river where you will see the convergence of the black water of the Rio Negro and white water of Rio Solimões which are affected by temperature, speed, and water density if you avail of a guided tour which also side trips on other areas. There are plenty of chances for interaction here, you have the whole day to share, rest, and relax in this wonderful place. Don’t miss your chance!

2. Ignite you and your partner’s love for culture at Palacete Provincial

After your visit the Palacete Provincial, you may bring your partner to a place with more romantic atmosphere. Have dinner at Di Fiori, a restaurant that features Italian Cuisine. It is located in the Orange Park and their menu consist of pastas, pizzas, steaks, and salad. For a more Brazilian native cuisine, visit Banzeiro, they specialize in fish dishes and is committed to showing the true personality of Amazon through their dishes. One of their notable dishes is Uarini tucunare also called peacock bass.

Here, you and your transsexual woman can admire the architectural landscape of this cultural complex which contains an array of films, old documentaries, and recordings of the Amazonian native people.


You will have a chance to bring up the activities you already did and you can honestly ask your lover if she enjoyed all that you’re doing. It is best to know at the early stage of your relationship if you are both keen on heading on the same direction.

Dating Transsexuals in Manaus

Dating Transsexuals in Manaus

Do you think you are prepared now to see your Brazilian transsexual partner? We sure hope you are.

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