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Fall Head Over Heels at Latin America’s Gay Capital

Rio de Janeiro is considered the gay capital of Latin America and one of the 27 federal states of Brazil. This state has no law against homosexuality. They offer LGBT beaches, clubs, and bars. However, recently, there are political changes and ideologies that support homophobic and sexist ideologies across the country of Brazil. Because of this, there is a growing crisis and rising hate-based LGBT murders. These increasing rate of hate and violence are also experienced in São Paulo, Bahia, and Minas Gerais.

However, this state is not all doom and gloomy, in fact, a lot of LGBT people fly just to be part of different activities offered in this state. But the popular LGBT-Friendly Street is in Farme de Amoeda in Ipanema with an array of coffee shops, restaurants, and drinking spots.

Are you still interested to know more about this state? If yes, we’ve prepared a list of places where you can take your transgender partner. Take notes and consider it on your dating plan!


1. Enjoy the beauty of art and party the night away at Galeria Café

The Galeria Café is an art gallery at day and becomes an LGBT club at night. They hold bazaars during weekends. As their mission, they want to give an avenue focused on diversity and inclusion. They have been opened for 20 years already and the LGBT community always loves to visit here. Since inclusivity is their motto, men, women, and other gender identities are welcome to join.

During the day, it will be an opportunity for you to share what you both love in the artworks displayed and you can even purchase something for your transsexual partner when you look at items offered there. At night, it will just be drinking the night away, just being content with the presence of each other.

2. You’re here so there’s no other way but to visit beaches!

First on the list is the famous Copacabana Palace also known as Bolsa. It is a favorite hangout of the transgender community since the place offers a peaceful venue and people have liberal minds here. Other LGBT inclusive beaches are Reserva and Praia do Abrico.

You can bring a picnic or you can buy your foods at the various beach stalls also called barracas. It is the perfect bonding activity where you can just soak together with your transwoman darling under the sun, play on the water, or just walk along the shore hand in hand while sharing stories and contemplating about your relationship.

3. Don’t miss the Selaron Stairs!

It is considered one of the most colorful and beautiful set of stairs in the world. You will feel like you are touring around an art museum. Each step is covered in different ceramic tiles that came from different countries. Every step will interest you!

But be careful since the neighborhood is not that safe so it is better to visit during the day rather than at night time. This is just one of the activities where your trip to Rio wouldn’t be complete if you skip this.

Dating Transsexuals in Rio de Janeiro

Dating Transsexuals in Rio de Janeiro

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