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Center of Music and Culture: Salvador, Brazil is the Place to Meet Your Transgender Girlfriend

Salvador is part of Bahia, one of the federal states of Brazil. The city’s beauty lies in the remarkable landscapes of barrios that were restored to bring back the glory of its heritage which is usually compared to that of Rio de Janeiro.

Last year (2017), several LGBT people were murdered because of their sexual orientation. A report by Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) showed that every 25 hours, one homosexual person is murdered. The research also found out that Bahia is the second Brazilian state with the largest number of LGBT people murdered just next to São Paulo. However, Bahia is still considered a liberal place for the transgender community together with Rio de Janeiro, Minais Gerais, and São Paulo . Since 1997, they are the first Brazilian state to enact an anti-discrimination ordinance.

During 2010, they allowed a lesbian couple to adopt a child. Fast forward to 2012, same-sex marriages were recognized by the state. Historically speaking, the oldest LGBT organization which is the GGB in Brazil was founded right here in Salvador, Bahia in 1980. To respond to the physical and psychological homophobic violence, they conducted training program rights and sexual diversity to 100 military police officers.

If you think Salvador is still a good place to visit and meet your transgender partner would like to share some of the places where you can date and have fun.


1. Take a trip to one of the famous attractions, the Pelourinho

The Pelourinho features wonderfully designed pastel-colored buildings that are surely instagrammable so you can take good couple photos when you tour around. Not only that, they have different shopping stores, cultural activities, a home to an array of restaurants, bars, and live music.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to witness a capoeira performance on the streets, it is a martial arts that shows different structures of kicks, spins, and feints accompanied by traditional music. If you are interested to see the whole view of the city, ride the Elevador Lacerda

Once you go around, don’t resist in buying the traditional Fit de Bonfim, it is a popular ribbon tied on church fences or wrist of people and are used to make wishes. Wish for a long-lasting relationship with your partner. Also, try out Bahian cuisine, especially the fried bean snack topped with shrimp and is called acarajé. You will easily spot delicious foods just by looking at the long lines.

2. Somewhere far away Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina is home to awesome waterfalls, caves, and amazing vistas. One of the highlights here is the Morro do Pai Inacio and the Blue Well. It is perfect if you want to get away from the people and find tranquility in nature. If you’re both tired from walking and touring around the city, at this place you can walk or just sit around and look at the view while you talk to each other.

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Dating Transsexuals in Salvador

Dating Transsexuals in Salvador

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