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How to edit your profile

Edit your profile

Your profile is the first impression, so it is important to keep it up-to-date.

You can change your profile as follows:
1. Click on your username on the top right corner;
2. Click on 'My page' in the menu below;

3. This will open your profile page - then click on the pencil of the part of your profile that you want to edit;

4. Take your time to fill in the fields and write a nice text about yourself.
The following fields are required in order to save your changes:

  1. - Age
  2. - City *
  3. - Country
  4. - Looking for
  5. - Body type
  6. - Weight
  7. - Height
  8. - About myself
* = Enter the first few letters and then select your city from the list.

5. When finished click on the 'Send for approval' button.

Profile completeness

The more fields you fill-in, the higher the profile completeness score will be. Profiles with a higher completeness score have a greater chance of finding a suitable partner.

Do you, just like Stefan, want a 100% completed profile? Then you have to fill-in all the fields completely, write a nice About Myself text and upload a recent profile picture.
Below each part is the percentage you can get with it by completing it completely.

Part Percentages to be received
After approval of your registration 16%
Fill in all fields 50%
Adding a About Myself text 24%
Uploading a profile picture 10%
Total 100%

If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service. We can be reached 24/7 by using the contact form

If you want to read this explanation again at your convenience, then click here to download the PDF file

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